Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The coolest playground

Recently, we met some friends at perhaps the coolest playground set I have ever seen.  This, my friends, is a space shuttle.

Can you see the lake beyond?  It is in a gorgeous setting, and all around are some of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen.  I should have taken pictures of them.  Dream houses, all.

Do you see the guy in the white Tshirt below?  He was well over six feet tall, to give you a reference for how tall these slides were.

 We met for a picnic after church.

The kids had lots of fun together.  May I say that I was thrilled that Ella was actually smiling naturally at the camera until I saw she had her hair in her mouth.  It's a pet peeve of mine. 

My kiddos share an infatuation with their friend, Amelia.  Jack prays for her family every night.

As per the usual, the rest of my pictures of Ella are some version of her running.

Jack's a little easier to catch.

This one is zoomed in.  It's the very top of the shuttle.  He's about fifteen feet up here.  I was so surprised that he wanted to go up there {and that he didn't freak out about coming down}!

Nate slept through the entire picnic and play time.  Bless that child for his thoughtfulness.

Have you ever seen such an awesome park?

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  1. Very cool! A bird told me that u might be in my neck of the woods soon :-). Let me know what's going on! Rebecca has all my contact info. See u soon :-)