Friday, September 28, 2012

Curb Appeal

In preparation for our move, we finally did something we have wanted to do since the beginning.  Why is it you always do the awesome stuff for someone else to enjoy?
Here is our house as of the second week we lived here.

Complete with trees to plant in the backyard. 

Sidenote - I have always wanted a front porch, but none of the three homes we have owned has had one.  Maybe the fourth time's a charm?

The green shutters were faded and beginning to warp, and the door was the same murky color.

Things that have changed in this picture: Handsome Hero no longer has facial hair, Ella is HUGE, Jack is HUGER, we are now a family of FIVE, and I have a lot less hair and somewhat less body mass. All for the better. Except the kids. They need to stop growing. Like now.
We thought the house looked tired, mainly because of the shutters.  Since curb appeal is the most important tool you have in selling your house, we wanted ours to stand out.  Originally we thought we would paint the shutters, but closer inspection revealed that they weren't worth it.

We chose to replace the green with black.  It's the traditional choice, but also the one I thought would look best against the white siding in our saltbox style house.  See how much better it looks?

The last step was to paint the door a beautiful deep red {hard to see through the storm door}.  If we were staying, I would have gone Granny Smith apple green, but since we want to appeal to the masses, it was between red and black, and red makes a more memorable statement. 

I love it!  And no, I didn't touch up the sky to make it that brilliant.  God did it.  I am a photo ignoramous.  He is not a Creator ignoramous.

Anyone want to buy our house? 

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