Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Candy making with kids - not for the faint of heart

On Black Friday, we made chocolate dipped pretzels for neighbor gifts and the girls decorated them with red, white, and green sprinkles. It was lots of fun. I mean, what's better than wearing cute aprons over your dress-up princess clothes to work in the kitchen making sweets?

This was my first attempt having kids make treats for others. As you can see from Ella's face below, not all the chocolate stayed on the pretzels.

In fact, there seemed to be an epidemic of finger licking.

And sampling.

And, worst of all, sneezing.

I couldn't watch.

After trying to keep things as hygenic as possible for awhile, we realized it was a losing battle.

We gave up. I put all of their pretzels in a container and I sent them home with the Hickoks. Wasn't that generous?

From this day forward, I will be very suspicious of homemade food when little kiddos were involved. Still, the girls had a blast. Jack came in at the end for the spatula. Menfolk were not invited to this party.

P.S.  Somehow, the Hickok's container of sneeze pretzels found its way back into our pantry before they left.  I know it was a mistake and that they were heartbroken to realize they had forgotten to pack it.  Don't worry, guys.  I'll make sure you get it. 


  1. It was no mistake. Just a little hickok trickery.

  2. the story was funny over the phone. and even funnier in pictures. :)