Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The third child

You have plans.  You have dreams.  You are not going to be a statistic!  You will share the love and megapixels equally!  You're kids will grow up feeling unitedly embarrassed of your everpresent camera.  You  are a photography machine!  You will do a baby book for the youngest just as you did with the oldest.  Nevermind that you haven't filled out the baby book for number two.  That's beside the point.  You may not have even bought the book yet for the youngest, but you will!  You just haven't found the time to look for it yet.  It's okay, though.  For now you'll just take pictures. 
Lots of pictures. 
You'll capture every moment.
But then, you look through your pictures of the last month and realize something.  This is the only picture you have of the baby by himself.


And you coach yourself:

Self, you are going to use this as a wake up call.  You are going to treat this as the kick in the pants that it is!  You will keep the camera with you at all times to capture these precious moments.  They will not be forgotten!

And you feel better.  You feel invigorated.  You grab the kids and go to the park where there are always great photo opportunities.  You're turning over a new leaf!

And when you get home, you look on the counter at your camera that never made it into the car.

And you sigh.

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  1. I made sure #4 had even more photos than anyone else because I was the baby and there are maybe 6 pictures of me in existence. My sister had an entire book, my brother 1/2 a book and I have one page in the back of my brothers book. I bet I was pretty cute too...Maybe :(