Friday, October 26, 2012

Super G.G.

My mom came to help us after I broke my ankle and we could. not. have. done. it. without. her.  Seriously, if you are in trouble, you want my mom.  But you can't have her for long.  She's mine and I must have her back.

At the pumpkin patch
Not only did she take care of me, the family, and the house, but she also helped Handsome Hero by caulking, organizing, cleaning, painting, and any other job he gave her to get ready to list the house.

On a picnic
He said she was the best employee he'd ever hired.  She said he was the hardest boss she'd ever worked for. :-)

Feeding ducks
Only an awesome mom and G.G. could do all that work, then drive for two days to get home, catch a cold, keep the kids for a week while Handsome Hero and I went house hunting, and still find it in herself to go to an apple farm, take the kids to feed the ducks, go on picnics, go to playgrounds, etc. 

She may have made some comments about being a frail old granny, but I'm not buying it.

Would you?

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