Friday, September 18, 2015

Just like no time had passed

Last week was a huge highlight of our year - the annual beach vacation.  This year was a bit different in that we visited our dearest besties, the Hickok's, in Richmond, VA, first.  On the way?  No.  Worth it?  You betcha.

We did have an excuse that made the out-of-the-way trip logical, though.  We've been studying Jamestown and it's only an hour from their house!

Can you tell we made Nate be in the picture very much against his will?  

Do you have people in your life you couldn't possibly love more?  These are some of ours.  And this is Poppy, their youngest, who we got to meet for the first time!  I think she likes me, which makes her the first Hickok baby to like me in the history of ever.  That is delayed gratification right there.

Ella wore her most "pilgrimmy" dress, maybe because of the ruffle?

In the Indian village, the kids got to scrape the fur off of a hide while "Indians" described what life was like for the Indians and pilgrims.  I liked that the employees didn't pretend to be from the period like they do in Williamsburg.  That's fun, but the kids were able to understand these guys a lot more this way.

They have amazing replicas of the ships that would have come here.  I have never before heard anyone say in a museum, "Touch everything.  Climb all over it.  It's here for you to explore."

Unfortunately, the rain came and with it lightning and our outdoor adventure was cut short.  We didn't get to see the fort, but we did get to explore the inside museum, which was a bit old for the kids, but very well done, and since the costumed employees came in also, they were all around answering questions and very willing to talk the the kids.

It was disappointing to not see the fort or finish exploring the ships, but we had to wait an hour after the final lightning strike before anyone was allowed outside and it just. kept. coming.  They refunded us most of our money, which was nice, and we got to spend a long time in the gift shop, which I could have done without.

This is the face of someone who has been told that he can't have an arrow from the gift shop.  We did get him an arrowhead.  Where is it, you ask?  Ha!  Ha!, I say.  Did it even make it to the car?  I don't know.

It was incredible getting to spend time with these friends.  There were deep conversations that have continued since, lots of hugs, lots of coffee, games, newly coined words, and a general deepening of an already solid friendship.

We love you, Hickok clan!

P.S.  Does anyone know how to enhance photos in Windows 10?  I'm all thrown off.


  1. We love you guys! Thanks for swinging by. It was just too short!

  2. is jealousy an appropriate response to this post?