Friday, April 17, 2015

Ella's Big Girl Birthday Party

This weekend, we had a first in our house.  

Ella turned eight a couple of weeks ago {!} and what she wanted more than almost anything was a big girl party.

Not just any party.

A tea party.

It was a wonderful opportunity to use some china from my grandmothers.


It was so fun to put this together.

I did buy some cheap flowers, but mostly I shopped the house for decorations.

The kids and I made these flower sugar cubes.  They really couldn't be simpler and they were a huge hit.

I spent a few dollars on crepe paper streamers and these poufs {it was the same price at Hobby Lobby to buy them ready to fluff as it was to buy the paper and make them from scratch}. 

It didn't hurt in the beauty department we were in the sunroom and everything was blooming outside.

I folded the napkins into roses and put them in the cups.

I found these brass vases at a salvage yard!  I love them so much.  

Outside on the deck, we set up a station for the girls to paint canvas bags.
I had a smock or paint shirt at each place so the girls wouldn't get paint on their pretty dresses.
We put paint brushes in mason jars and scattered jars with water around.

And we were ready to go!  The day was perfect. 

I sent Handsome Hero and the Wonderboys away for the afternoon and had my friend, Abby, help me with the painting part.

Most of these girls are in our church and it was so fun seeing them all carrying their bags on Sunday.

I do not know what I would have done without Abby.  I hadn't thought through how often the water jars would need to be changed out, or how much help the girls would need with the paint.

While we waited for the bags to dry, we went downstairs and played Pin the Decorations on the Hat {another creation by my lifesaver, Abby}.

I would like to state that I love these girls.  Each and every one of them was so incredibly sweet!

They encouraged each other all the way.


What a lovely hat.

Then we went upstairs to the sunroom for tea and Pink Lemonade cupcakes.  These were quite tasty, if I do say so myself.

They were so excited and sweet about getting to use such fine china!  They even began speaking with British accents.

They liked having the tea party so much that when we ran out of tea, they were sad.  While we waited for a new pot to steep, we opened presents.

Ella was very excited about each gift.  These girls know her well!

Doll clothes, crafts, and other very girly things are speaking this girl's language.

These girls.  I love them.

I think I had as much fun as the girls did.  This was a truly wonderful event and Ella felt so special!

Happy Birthday, Ella!

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