Saturday, September 20, 2014

National Pirate Day

So, yesterday was National Pirate Day.  More importantly, Krispy Kreme was giving away A DOZEN DOUGHNUTS for everyone who came in dressed as a pirate.  Handsome Hero was taking the kids for the evening, giving me a much needed break, and decided to brave the crowds, but first the kids needed costumes.  We already had one pirate costume, but all of the kids wanted to be pirates.

So what's an amazing dad to do? Rip up one of his undershirts for a pirate shirt and make eye patches out of felt and an old checkbook cover, of course!  

Nate kept his on the whole evening!  

When they finally got through the line to the cashier, Handsome Hero was about to order when Ella piped up out of nowhere in her best scratchy, mean pirate voice:

Ahoy, Mateys, and shiver me timbers!  Fetch me my cat-o-nine-tails!  I got a couple o' landlubbers to be teachin' a lesson to!*

Jaws dropped everywhere.  Oh, my heavens.  I love that kid.

*Apparently, this was a quote from a book-on-tape that we had taken on our trip to the beach last week.  A quote that no one else remembers, but that she thought was fun and worth memorizing.

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