Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Absentminded Professor, or, Jack, if you prefer

Yesterday I shared an update on our little guy.  Today I'm going to update you child number two.

Jack is our funny man.  He does and says things for the sole purpose of entertaining you.  Last week Ella said, "I'm really attached to these CD's we're listening to."  Jack instantly responded, "I'm really attached to my sticky hands."

Watch me blow kisses, mama!

He's a laid back three-year-old.  I forget how mellow he is until I see him with other kids his age. 

Sometimes I like to ponder this great world of ours.

He's always pretending to be something else.  He is often Super Dog or Buzz Lightyear, but he's going to grow up to be a sea monster, which, he explained to me, means that his arms won't grow any longer because sea monsters have short arms.  Get ready, world.

 Still pondering.

He is a thinker living on a cloud.   He taught himself both the upper and lowercase alphabets and their sounds.  He knows how to count into the twenties.  He can count by fives.  I didn't teach him any of those things, and his sister is still struggling with some of them, so she didn't teach him either. 

En guard!

He is a total space cadet living in his own alternate universe.  How he has learned so much is beyond me, when he can't remember where his toys go, can't figure out how to pump on the swing, and can't button or zip his clothes.  He will live with us until he's thirty because he won't have figured out how to drive or tie his own shoes, but he will discover the cure for cancer.

Sheesh, it isn't real, mom.

He just mastered putting on socks, which, along with his new Velcro shoes, makes me very happy.  He feels no urgency to learn these life skills.  He is content to let us do everything for him, and yet he knows things, friends. 

 It could be a baton if I wanted it to be.  See?  And a one, and a two, and a one, two, three!

He is all boy, loving balls and dinosaurs and monsters and weapons of all kinds.  He can make anything into a sword.  I'm convinced it's a gift.

 Look at my awesome muscles.  Oh, yeah.
{He really was flexing in this picture.  I said to smile, and he said that he needed to show his muscles.}

He is my earliest riser, usually coming upstairs while I'm still reading my bible.  He snuggles in, sitting with me until I finish, and then prays with me. 

I'm pretending I'm holding a sword in my right hand, which makes me smile.

He has a very tender heart, and desires to be in fellowship at all times.  If he does something that hurts his brother or sister, he often tells on himself so that we can just get it over with.

Oh, yes.  I am posing.  I am so incredibly cute that you can't stand it, can you?

We do things differently with him than with Ella.  We want her to be a woman of God, but we want Jack to be a man.  A godly man.  A gentleman who loves and leads his own family someday.  If you ask Jack what his job is in relation to Ella, he will tell you that he is to protect her.  That's what brothers do.

 No, you can't.  Why would you even try?

"I love you" is always on his lips.  He still tells me what every time I put him to bed.  He's my boy.  

Will you be my friend?

I can't get enough of him.

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  1. What a precious little man you have! He's gggrrrrrrreat!