Thursday, May 9, 2013

Remember When? A Mother's Day Poem

Remember back in the early days when things were black and white?
Remember when one of the kids was wrong and one was right?
Remember when we knew because it was just so obvious?
Remember when we couldn't imagine them fooling us?

Remember when the crying was done by the one who was being harmed?
Remember when we knew when to ignore, when to be alarmed?
Remember when they hadn't figured out which buttons to push?
Remember when we knew what action to give and to which tush?

Those days, they're gone!  It all seems gray!
Who did what to whom?  Who didn't obey?
When one of them hurts, I'm learning to say,
"And what did you do to add to the fray?"

I want to know all - the great Momenator!
The awesome, benevolent and kind dictator.
But they've gotten smarter.  They've gotten sneaky.
And {dare I say it?}, they've gotten cheeky.

And so I am learning how moms get "fine lines."
We furrow and purse, and try to read minds.
Why did he do that? And what is she saying?
I'm trying to figure them out as I'm graying.

My face often holds a look of confusion.
And it only gets harder!  That's a foregone conclusion.
The things that I struggle with now will seem minor
As my role becomes that of my kids' heart refiner.

As I look forward to that time coming quickly
I want to make sure the foundations's laid thickly.
I can't squish them down.  I can't keep them small.
Already, I'm watching them grow big and tall {well, two out of three...}.

I want to enjoy this crazy wild ride.
I want kids who always feel loved from inside
This home that we've made, this refuge, this haven,
Who know how to live as Christ wants them behavin'.

As each kid grows up and is much more complex,
The problems are not just the usual suspects.
I hope, on this journey, that I'm getting wiser.
I'm learning to lean on my perfect Advisor.

Lord, give me the grace and the wisdom to see
How to best raise these kids that You've given to me.
I'm learning how smart I'm not with each new day.
I'm learning to trust that You'll show me the way.

The way to be the best mom You'd have me be
As we strive to guide them and help them to see
Your glory.  Thank you for giving to me
Three models of Your creativity!

My tenacious Ella {the one in pink}.  She will try anything.  I admire her courage. 

 My sweet boy, timid, yet with a big heart for others.  I love when he holds my hand.

My cuddler.  I get to enjoy his babyhood for an extra long time, yet long for his growth and health.

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