Saturday, May 14, 2011

Having a Happy Heart

Having a Happy Heart, a phrase heard often in our house, means to obey not only with your actions, but also with your heart.  We strive to parent the heart.  I regularly hear myself saying, "The best example of a happy heart is doing something you don't want to do without complaining."

I have mentioned before the Ella is just like me.  This is never more evident, to my shame, than when I ask her to do something on cue.  She spontaneously bursts into song, dances with abandon, invents stories, and makes up poems on the spot, but when I ask her to repeat the performance once I have my camera, she shuts down.  The camera has kryptonic powers, apparently.  Now, I vividly remember getting very hot and bothered when asked to perform.  Sorry, Mom.  I get it now.

This is the face I get when I ask her "to perform."

Recently, Ella wants to dance to a Christian version on the ABC's that my mom taught us when she was visiting, and it's so cute!  I wanted to record it for Mom for Mother's Day, and Ella enthusiastically agreed.  So I got the camera, and that was when her world fell apart.  All because of the Kryptonite.

I have avoided disciplining her for "not performing on cue," because I hated having to do it when I was a kid.  However, we have noticed recently that if the spotlight isn't on her, she makes sure to remedy that situation.  For instance, when my mom visited, she watched the kids while we went on a date.  Before the date, she took a picture of us.  What is up with my hair?  In the background, Ella was having a tantrum because she wasn't the center of the event.

The next picture was of the three of us.  She wasn't playing.  I'm unhappy and I don't care who knows it!

So, during our date, Handsome Hero and I discussed how to work on this with her effectively, and decided on a plan of attack.  When she is a pill because she isn't the star, she will have to go sit by herself until she "finds her happy heart."  So when she refused to play ball {read, dance} for no reason other than to get attention, I very calmly told her that she would sit on her bed until she found her happy heart and obeyed.  

Finding her happy heart took nearly two hours.  After that, she said that she would do what she had agreed to do.  But she did it with an attitude.  It. Is. Hilarious!  

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  1. Lily and I just watched the video together. She likes watching Ella do her little hop skip dance! Too cute!

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